Get to know our Technical Leads in Melbourne

Our Technical Leads in GML Heritage's Melbourne office are experts in built heritage, archaeology, landscape heritage, First Peoples heritage and history.

They have a 30+ year record of achievement across local, state significant and World Heritage sites, and are deeply committed to planning, managing and protecting heritage places—revealing histories, stories and new possibilities.

Projects include the Grassdale Aboriginal Cultural Values Assessment in collaboration with Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, landscape studies such as the Victorian Government’s Avenues of Honour Project, landmark community values studies such as LGBTIQ+ heritage values for City of Yarra, World Heritage sites such as the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, heritage interpretation plans for landmark developments including Melbourne Connect (Royal Women’s Hospital), and the award-winning Hoddle Grid Heritage Review.

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Dr Christina Dyson, Technical Lead, Landscape Heritage (Melbourne).

Dr Christina Dyson, Senior Associate, firmly believes in deeply understanding landscapes and human interaction with them to manage change. Uniquely, she combines horticultural and heritage expertise, to deliver considered advice for a wide range of landscape heritage places, including complex cultural landscapes. Christina reviews technical assessments such as arboricultural reports, providing a heritage perspective into the management of significance and change to heritage places, delivers conservation management plans, landscape heritage assessments, and heritage impact statements. She also acts as an expert witness related to gardens and designed landscapes of local and state cultural heritage significance.

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Dr Helen Doyle, Technical Lead, History and Technical Lead, First Peoples, (Melbourne).

Dr Helen Doyle, Associate, is a historian with over twenty years’ experience in heritage and conservation. Much of her work involves Aboriginal history and heritage. Helen is dedicated to finding and listening to the voices and stories associated with heritage places. She prepares place histories for heritage assessments, conservation plans and interpretation and place-making projects, and writes thematic environmental histories and commissioned histories.

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Leah Tepper, Technical Lead, Archaeology (Melbourne).

Leah Tepper, Senior Heritage Consultant, has over eight years’ experience in the cultural heritage industry in Australia. Leah is a listed Heritage Advisor under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (Vic) and is passionate about First Nations and stakeholder consultation and engagement. Leah’s expertise lies in the preparation and delivery of cultural heritage management plans, cultural heritage due diligence assessments, dry stone wall management plans, salvage reports and historical archaeological assessments.

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