Victoria’s Avenues of Honour

Many Avenues of Honour throughout Victoria are at a critical juncture.

An extraordinary number of Avenues of Honour were planted in Victoria as living memorials to commemorate the contribution and sacrifices made by Victorians in the First World War and other wars that followed. Today, there are a range of pressures on many of Victoria’s Avenues of Honour, which include age (some now close to a century old), but also health, neglect, lack of understanding, infrastructure projects and development.

The Victorian Government is committed to supporting the caretakers of Avenues of Honour as part of a range of initiatives relating to the development of a War Heritage and History Strategy. The Avenues of Honour project establishes a framework for a prioritised, coordinated and values-based approach to protecting and managing Victoria’s Avenues of Honour, as a collection and individually.

GML Heritage Victoria (formerly Context) delivered the Avenues of Honour project, in collaboration with Stephen Frank of Treelogic and John Beetham of Richmond Hill Garden Designs. The project involved multiple stages of research, audit and identification and assessment, as well as extensive consultation with key stakeholders, local government and caretakers of heritage.