Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

GML supports rights based cultural heritage practice.

We help with Aboriginal history, community engagement, archaeology, heritage assessments, applications, permits and interpretation planning and design.

We partner with Aboriginal people to understand their cultural values and significant places.

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For 30 years we have developed strategies and practice standards that are responsive to today’s development and construction projects.

Our Excavation Directors, experienced archaeologists and field work teams are among the most experienced and skilled.

Our capability spans urban, rural and industrial archaeology from major infrastructure projects to small scale monitoring.

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Interpretation, Place Making and Design

Our multi-award-winning design and interpretation team creates visitor experiences that creatively reimagine history and heritage for today’s audiences.

Our interpretation strategies, plans, concepts and content, create immersive, imaginative experiences in the public and private realms.

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We can help with historical research and cultural significance assessments, planning and management of historic cultural landscapes, or upgrading, conserving or managing the character and heritage values.

We acknowledge and respect the rights and interests of Indigenous Australians in land.

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Public History

History is at the heart of heritage. At GML we believe that we all make history.

Our team of professional public historians bring new perspectives to places. We get to the heart of what places really mean through the historical lived experience. We find the records  to interpret places through time.

If you want to know the past to create today, we can help you understand the power of place, enriching strategic planning processes, design, place-making, urban renewal, and interpretation.

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Urban and Built

We are experts at balancing development with the need to conserve heritage.

We work with architects, designers, developers, property owners and planners to get the best outcome for your project and for cultural heritage.

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Working with Communities

Our people-centred approach will generate deeper engagement and meaningful outcomes for planning and development projects.

We have the experience in strengthening attachments and regenerating places and  where heritage values and community attachments to places, historic neighbourhoods, and character areas are concerned.

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