About Us

GML Heritage is one of Australia’s most respected heritage consultancies. 

GML Heritage opened in 1989, pioneering bold new approaches to thinking about heritage. It’s something we remain true to today. Looking beyond the obvious, we shape heritage futures through clever, independent thinking, trusted advice, and powerful solutions for projects from planning to completion.

We collaborate with clients across the public, private, corporate and not-for-profit sectors to generate fresh perspectives for all heritage matters. With our archive of experience in heritage, today we thrive on collaborating to expand our thinking and yours. We understand that insight, analysis and creative thinking, combined with the courage to say what we really think and know, generates the best outcomes for even the most challenging projects.

Memberships and Panels

We are pre-approved to sit on several procurement panels, simplifying the engagement process for many government agencies. Contact us to find out if we are pre-approved in your department.

GML is a proud member of Consult Australia, the Property Council of Australia, the Urban Design Institute of Australia, and the Property Institute of Australia. We have corporate memberships with the National Trust, Sydney Living Museums and AusHeritage. Our consultants are registered architects, certified practising planners, professional historians and members of professional heritage and archaeology associations.


We acknowledge our responsibilities under the Corporations Act 2001, and to our shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, community and other stakeholders.

Incorporated in 1989, today GML Heritage is part of a group of companies that are largely employee owned. The companies are governed by separate boards comprised of non-executive and executive directors.  Each board is led by a non-executive chairperson.

The boards are strategic in focus and lead the company’s vision to provide influential and creative services that re-shape the future of heritage. Implementation of the vision is the responsibility of the CEO and the executive management team across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.