Built Heritage

Managing change is about sustaining the significance of heritage buildings, places and precincts

We know the historic built and urban environment plays an important role in everyday life.

Our experienced team of built heritage experts, architects and planners provide services for heritage listed iconic historic buildings and local buildings and places across Australian neighbourhoods, suburbs and towns.

Our people deliver expert built heritage advice, assessments, plans and reviews. We balance conservation with development, alongside contemporary design and today’s requirements, to support quality decision-making that is clear, credible and consistent.

Technical expertise and great communication are key to our success. We collaborate with architects, designers, developers, property owners and planners to identify solutions and outcomes for our clients, communities and heritage.

We deliver:

  • Adaptive re-use
  • Building upgrades
  • Archival recordings
  • Heritage conservation area reviews
  • Conservation management plans
  • Heritage asset action plans
  • Condition and remedial advice
  • Expert witness
  • Feasibility studies
  • GIS and spatial analysis
  • Heritage advice
  • Heritage impact assessments / statements
  • Heritage management plans
  • Heritage planning controls
  • Local government heritage reviews / studies
  • Materials conservation advice
  • Peer reviews
  • Pre-purchase heritage advice
  • Schedules of conservation works / maintenance works
  • Significance assessments
  • Streetscape studies