Uncovering material connections to the past

For 30 years, we have delivered some of Australia’s most important historical archaeology and Aboriginal archaeology projects.

We collaborate with clients and across disciplines, with communities and with First Nations Peoples through archaeology assessment, investigation and survey to inform new understandings of life in the past.

Our archaeologists and Excavation Directors offer comprehensive archaeology services from site assessments and excavation to curation and community engagement. Our team provides a range of archaeological advice and management documentation for state and Australian government agencyinfrastructure and private development projects. Our archaeologists in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra work in large-scale field based operations for complex development, infrastructure and construction projects, and are equally able to service small-scale, agile teams for monitoring and unexpected finds.

Our professional and committed teams can keep your project on track, tell your story and create deeper connections to community through a better understanding of the past.

We deliver:

  • Archaeological advice
  • Cultural heritage assessments and management plans
  • Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments
  • Archaeological assessments and impact statements
  • Archaeological management and zoning plans
  • Archaeological research designs and excavation methodologies
  • Permit applications
  • GIS mapping
  • Site survey
  • Site inspections and archaeological monitoring
  • Archaeological test and salvage excavations
  • Post-excavation analysis and reporting
  • Archaeological and historical research
  • Artefact collection management advice
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Archaeological interpretation planning, design and content
  • 3D modelling and visualisation
  • Aboriginal heritage impact permits (AHIPs)
  • Due diligence assessment