Jacob Kiefel
Heritage Consultant, Archaeologist

Jacob Kiefel is an archaeologist and earth scientist.

He holds a Bachelor of Archaeology, majoring in environmental earth science, from Macquarie University.

Jacob has worked on Aboriginal and historical archaeological salvage projects throughout New South Wales. He has a strong understanding of archaeological and geoarchaeological field investigation techniques. Jacob is proficient in analysing artefacts, soils and sediments, and identifying and recording geological and geomorphological features. He also has experience in GIS mapping and modelling, and in processing, photographing, cataloguing and analysing artefacts.

Before joining GML, Jacob worked as a subconsultant archaeologist and geoarchaeologist. While working as a geomorphologist on an archaeological survey in Greece, he wrote a report on the area’s geology and environmental change, and trained students in GPS, QGIS and ArcGIS. Jacob also served as a volunteer team leader for a collection cataloguing project at the Australian Museum and as a curator intern at Macquarie University’s on-site museums, where he helped design, research and write exhibition materials.


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Bachelor of Philosophy, Macquarie University (Faculty of Science)

Bachelor of Archaeology (majoring in environmental earth science), Macquarie University