Andie Coulson
Heritage Consultant, Archaeologist

Andie Coulson has over three years’ experience working as a professional archaeologist and heritage consultant.

She holds a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, majoring in archaeology, ancient history and geography, from the University of Sydney.

Andie has worked on Aboriginal and historical archaeological sites throughout NSW and has skills in archaeological test and salvage excavation, survey, data recording, site mapping and photography. She has produced and contributed to a range of Aboriginal and historical reports. Andie is also proficient in the use of QGIS for archaeological analysis and predictive modelling.

Prior to joining GML, Andie worked as a subcontractor archaeologist. She also volunteered as a team leader for the Australian Archaeological Institute in Athens’ Zagora Project, where she trained and led a group of student volunteers in digitising, compiling and synthesising archival data.


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‘History has the power to both excite and educate. Archaeology, historical research, and engagement with communities and knowledge holders help us to better understand and share the stories of places.’


Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney