Abi Cryerhall


Abi Cryerhall, GML Heritage Principal and Manager, Archaeology, has over 20 years’ experience as an archaeologist and heritage consultant. She is a specialist in historical archaeology and heritage management. Abi has worked on sites of local and state heritage significance in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, as well as World Heritage listed places. She is an experienced excavation director who meets the Heritage Council of NSW’s criteria for state and locally significant sites.

Abi is highly skilled and experienced in project and team management. As heritage project lead, she has successfully directed many large scale rural redevelopment and complex urban developments. She has also managed heritage input for many complex infrastructure and transport projects, in particular rail projects.

Abi has expertise in the preparation of heritage and archaeological assessments, research designs, heritage impact statements, heritage and compliance advice and heritage management documents. She also has a thorough understanding of NSW heritage and planning legislation, best practice guidelines, and their application for developers.

Abi has research interest in Sydney’s urban and maritime heritage. She regularly presents at industry seminars and to the general public.

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Being an interdisciplinary heritage expert is a great privilege—we get to see the layered stories of humanity and how heritage and archaeology can be used to connect diverse communities.


Master of Heritage Conservation, University of Sydney—currently undertaking

BA (Joint Hons), History of Art & Architecture / Ancient History & Archaeology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland