Landscape Heritage

Explore connections between people and landscapes

Landscape heritage reveals the interactions between people and landscapes. Our extraordinary historic landscapes, both urban and rural, are a powerful expression of our culture and heritage—our sense of identity.

As living places, landscape heritage requires rigorous research, analysis of change over time, technical understanding and assessment.

Our work provides a sound evidence base for the informed, sensitive, practical and sustainable management of historic landscapes. We use this information to identify, understand, protect and conserve evidence of significant human interactions with landscapes over time and to manage change so that what is important is retained in ongoing and future use and development.

With our broad experience across many landscapes, we can help you better understand, manage, conserve and renew cultural landscapes, parks and gardens. This requires a balance of strategic thinking, technical heritage knowledge and horticultural expertise to identify and sensitively manage important sites and places.


Our services:

  • Conservation management plans
  • Heritage management plans
  • Aboriginal cultural heritage consultation and significance assessments
  • Cultural landscape management plans
  • Heritage impact assessments / statements
  • Heritage advice
  • Landscape succession heritage advice
  • Strategic advice
  • Expert witness
  • Historical research
  • Heritage curtilage studies
  • Expert evidence
  • Review and analysis of arboricultural assessments and horticultural assessments
  • Plan of management heritage inputs
  • Heritage views and vistas assessments
  • Masterplan advice to cultural heritage landscapes