Our Values

Our values are what we stand for.

Carefully considering and understanding the meanings and values associated with the past is at the heart of our business. We applied that same rigour to identifying our organisational values.

They shape our future by guiding the work we do, how we relate to our clients and each other and how we make decisions.

We care deeply about heritage, communities and the environment.  We feel privileged to do our work and take our responsibility as heritage champions seriously. We are committed to truth-telling and engaging with First Nations peoples. We are dedicated to understanding the values and meanings of historic places and the special attachments people have. We believe the past helps us to understand ourselves and offers all communities a richer experience of life.

We are a business with a heart. Real relationships are the foundation of us. We are collaborative and collegial and the better for it. We believe communication works best when it’s inclusive and when we feel free to exchange ideas. Conserving, commemorating, and celebrating places for current and future generations really matters to us.

We recognise there are many experiences of history and we value the diversity of people’s lived experience. We know that we might have different ideas, but we work together to find positive heritage solutions. We encourage staff to think for themselves, be approachable and remain open to difference. We listen and care about what people tell us because it makes us better at work and life.

We value knowledge because it invigorates us and makes us grow. We share our knowledge generously, with each other and with our community. We are genuinely curious about the past. We persevere to discover, recover and reimagine history, heritage and culture. We expect and encourage our staff to keep extending the boundaries of their knowledge because it helps them navigate the world’s complexity and offer relevant and meaningful advice.

We are determined to retain our independence and legacy as trusted advisors. We draw on our deep experience and expertise to offer courageous advice. We are always trying to deliver something which is greater than the sum of its parts—beyond the here and now.