We know history matters

Rigorous historical understanding underpins much of our work at GML and we apply academic and field-based research methods to understand places and experiences in the past. To us, places resonate with layered histories and meanings. Our historical understandings, and the continuing relevance of the past in the present and future, is also enriched through community engagement.

History helps us to inform strategic planning processes, design, place-making, urban renewal, and interpretation. History is also a vital component of our work in Aboriginal cultural heritage and part of the process of reckoning in the present.

We share our findings in accessible, practical and engaging ways. Our professional historians bring new perspectives to places through evidence based research and analysis that reckons with our past.

Our services:

  • Historical research
  • Oral histories
  • Thematic histories
  • Place-based histories
  • Social histories
  • Interpretation and design