Dr Christina Dyson
Senior Associate


Dr Christina Dyson is a landscape heritage specialist, with particular expertise in twentieth century Australian plant gardens.

Christina has wide experience in Australian garden, designed landscape and cultural landscape heritage, as well as urban and built heritage, at world, national, state and local levels. She has particular interest in and aptitude for the assessment and management of complex cultural landscapes.

Christina holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne (Melbourne School of Design). Her thesis investigated postwar Australian plant gardens and their connections with national identity.

At GML, Christina has worked on a diverse range of cultural landscape and built heritage projects, including conservation management plans, landscape heritage assessments, and heritage impact statements. She has also worked on numerous municipal heritage studies and heritage advice projects. She has appeared at panel as an expert witness for planning scheme amendments related to gardens and designed landscapes of local and state cultural heritage significance.


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‘Heritage for me is about the complex interactions between people and their environments. In the work that we do, it is a privilege to play a role in understanding, protecting and conserving the things that survive from the past which, through the stories and meanings they embody, help create meaningful connections between communities and place.’


Doctor of Philosophy, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma (Horticulture), University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Arts (Honours Class I), University of Sydney


Chair – Victoria’s Heritage Restoration Fund, Committee of Management

Member – National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

Member (Honorary Life) – Australian Garden History Society; AGHS Engagement Working Group (foundation member)

Member – ICOMOS (full international)