Dr Helen Doyle


Dr Helen Doyle is an historian with over twenty years’ experience in heritage and conservation.

She specialises in developing thematic frameworks and thematic histories for a range of places, including municipalities. She has expertise in preparing heritage assessments and conservation management plans of places, precincts, and complexes. This includes urban and rural places; parks and gardens; cemeteries; industrial sites; and Aboriginal places. She has experience in Aboriginal cultural heritage and the recognition of Aboriginal cultural values in heritage reviews, interpretation plans and thematic histories. Helen has also prepared significance assessments for local history collections, and text panels for interpretative signage and exhibitions. Prior to joining GML Heritage (formerly Context), she worked as a freelance historian for various heritage consultancies.

Helen is also an award-winning writer and experienced editor. She was an assistant editor for the major reference work in Australian history: The Oxford Companion to Australian History, eds Graeme Davison, Stuart Macintyre and John Hirst (Oxford University Press, 1998).


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‘Heritage is about exploring and better understanding places. It recognises the challenges of acknowledging different layers of history and meaning that may be embedded in a place.’


PhD, School of Historical Studies, Monash University

Master of Arts (Public History), Monash University

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne

BA (Hons), University of Melbourne

Professional affiliations

Australia ICOMOS (full international member)

Professional Historians’ Association (Vic.)

National Trust of Australia (Vic.)

Royal Historical Society of Victoria

Irish-Australian Cultural Network