Uncovering Parramatta’s rich history

GML's team of archaeologists are uncovering extraordinary artefacts and evidence of Parramatta's rich history and diversity at the Sydney Metro West site.

Most recently the team unearthed a convict hut and historical artefacts that date as far back as 1792. The 230-year-old convict hut housed women just four years after the settlement of the new colony in the late 1700s.

The convict hut was uncovered along Church Street in Parramatta and GML is currently investigating its significance. The hut dates back to 1792 and will be fully excavated from the site to investigate it thoroughly.

GML Principal and Project Director Abi Cryerhall was recently interviewed by Channel 7 News and Radio 2GB about the discoveries.

GML’s archaeological work provides new insights and understanding of Parramatta’s importance to First Nations people, early colonial settlement and adaptation to a new environment, daily life and urbanisation during the 19th century, and the evolution of the township of Parramatta into the city it is today.

These recent discoveries mark the past meeting the future of Western Sydney, as Sydney Metro West will take customers from Greater Parramatta to the Sydney CBD in just 20 minutes.

Parramatta Station is one of nine new metro stations for the 24km Sydney Metro West line that will link Sydney’s two major CBDs. It will provide easy, efficient and accessible interchange with buses and Parramatta Light Rail.

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