Mildura Heritage Study

The Mildura Heritage Study comprised a Thematic Environmental History and the identification of heritage places within the municipality.

The Thematic Environmental History for the former Shire of Walpeup identified and explained the themes and processes or activities that have been important in shaping the municipality.

Further, it provided a framework for identifying heritage places within the study area that demonstrate these themes and activities. Context (now GML Heritage) also developed a Statement of Significance for the entire Mildura Rural City area as part of the Thematic Environmental History.

With the Thematic Environmental History providing a structure to understand historic processes and places in the former Shire of Walpeup, the team identified 82 individual places, 10 precincts and 37 archaeological places. Historical research, field survey and community consultation were all key to this work, which was undertaken with the support of a community reference group.