Freya Keam
Senior Heritage Consultant


Freya is a senior heritage consultant with a background in history and community engagement.

She holds a dual Masters award in cultural heritage from Deakin University and world heritage from Brandenburg Technical University.

Freya has strong research, writing and project management skills, with a demonstrated ability to prepare thematic histories, place-based interpretation, technical heritage reports and policy. She has well-honed critical analysis skills and a strong understanding of Victorian heritage legislation, particularly the Victorian Heritage Act 2017 and the Planning and Environment Act 1987. She is passionate about community consultation and engagement and is particularly interested in assessing and managing places of social significance.

Prior to joining GML, Freya worked in advocacy at the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), where she led and supported campaigns for the protection, promotion and understanding of Victoria’s heritage places. In this role, Freya worked closely with community, industry and government stakeholders to advocate for high-quality and balanced heritage outcomes. Freya has also led the delivery of the Australian Heritage Festival in Victoria, working directly with community, government, not-for-profits, and other organisations to celebrate and communicate the value of their heritage places.


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‘The best way to protect heritage places is to ensure their ongoing use. I want to communicate and safeguard the values of our heritage places and create space for present and future communities to thrive.’


Dual Master of Cultural Heritage (Deakin University) and Master of World Heritage  Brandenburg Technical University)

Bachelor of Arts (History) / Bachelor of Communications (Organisational Communication), University of Queensland


Australia ICOMOS (Associate Member)