The Gardens, Parramatta Park

Aboriginal and historical archaeology
Historical research
Heritage advice
Interpretation planning and impact assessment

Parramatta Park Trust

Parramatta, NSW
Dharug Country

In 2018, Parramatta Park—long known as a ‘people’s park’—is celebrating 160 years since its inception. A significant milestone for the Parramatta Park Trust and in the life of the City of Parramatta.

The Gardens Precinct at Parramatta Park was revitalised to create a landscape setting worthy of the formal entrance to Government House. It is one of the 11 historic places that together form the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage serial listing.

Written into this ancient and historic landscape are rich and wide-ranging heritage values, including a layered colonial convict settler history that has deep cultural significance. It was also a meeting and resource place for the Burramatta Clan of the Darug people. Today, Parramatta Park comprises over 85 hectares and attracts over 2.1 million visits annually, and its Gardens Precinct plays a part in the daily life of the City of Parramatta as a central venue for major social, cultural, entertainment and recreation events.

GML conducted Aboriginal and historical archaeology and historical research to inform the design development and landscaping that followed. Our thoughtful heritage advice ensured the conservation of significant heritage elements. The sensitive design and landscaping by Phillips Marler ensured that the historic cultural landscape and its key features have been conserved and respectfully integrated into a revitalised experience.

“GML Heritage were exemplar consultants on this significant capital works project managed by Parramatta Park Trust. The expert heritage advice and innovative archaeological services provided by GML Heritage helped to deliver, with the landscape architects, a landscape with thoughtful interpretation and conservation of significant heritage elements. The successful completion of Stage 1 of The Gardens Precinct is something we feel very proud of at Parramatta Park Trust.”
(Oriana Senese, Parramatta Park Trust)

Entry gate to Parramatta Park