First Government House

Conservation Management Plan

Museums of History NSW


The Museum of Sydney is located on the site of First Government House—the earliest permanent British building in the colony of NSW.

GML provided Museums of History NSW (MHNSW) with a comprehensive plan to guide its future management and conservation.

GML undertook new historical research, stakeholder engagement and analysis of archaeological remains of First Government House to update the heritage values of the place, meet contemporary visitor expectations and guide the museum’s evolution into the future.

Subject to several management curtilages, the project presented unique challenges. To address these, GML worked with MHNSW to develop a collaborative approach to planning the precinct and to celebrate it as a distinctive and culturally significant place in the city.

Our project team provided advice on the condition of relics and archaeology fabric that is on display—as well as that which remains unexcavated beneath the museum plaza and foyer.

Museum of Sydney Entrance

Foyer with Archaeological Interpretation