MLC Centre Interpretation Plan

Heritage Interpretation Plan

Compass Project Management

Martin Place, Sydney
Gadigal Country

Designed by visionary architect Harry Seidler in 1978 and inspired by classic Bauhaus foundations, the MLC Centre is an icon of the Sydney skyline.

GML Heritage was commissioned by Compass Project Management to prepare a Heritage Interpretation Plan for the MLC Centre (now known as 25 Martin Place). This report was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Conditions of Approval for proposed retail development and upgrading works to the site.

This project expanded on the thematic framework of the Stage 1 Heritage Interpretation Strategy prepared by GML. The selection of media, materials and design approach was developed in close consultation with Harry Seidler & Associates.

Following approval of the proposals and recommendations, a detailed design documentation of the installation including full text and graphic content was prepared.

The aim of this installation was to interpret the development of the MLC Centre as part of the evolution of the City of Sydney and engagement with the CBD both socially and physically. Identified historic themes are explored throughout the site, reflecting the complexity and richness of the site’s history.