Interpretive displays—Arthur Phillip High School

Interpretation Strategy
Interpretation Plan and Implementation
Education Package

Parramatta, NSW
Dharug Country

GML recently completed the installation of interpretive displays at Arthur Phillip High School and Parramatta Public School. The displays provide insights into Deep Time Parramatta, Aboriginal technology and colonial life.

The new displays follow the development of a heritage interpretation strategy, prepared by GML in 2018. The heritage interpretation strategy provided a thematic framework for integrating Aboriginal and colonial history and archaeology into the architecture of the schools. Interpretive devices that have also been implemented from the interpretation strategy include a graphic timeline and an education package.

The heritage interpretation strategy was part of the State Significant Development approval process by GML for the two historic school sites. GML also prepared detailed assessments of built heritage, historical archaeology and Aboriginal heritage as part of the environmental impact statement for the development.

The objects included in the displays were recovered from several large-scale archaeological investigations undertaken by GML. Aboriginal archaeological sites potentially deposited as far back as 30,000 years ago were uncovered, as well as extensive remains of the early colonial convict barracks and the house of James Byrnes, a politician and public servant.

Installing artefacts into the displays. Photo: Sharon Johnson

Some of new interpretive displays. Photo: Sharon Johnson

Installing artefacts into the displays. Photo: Sharon Johnson

Part of a belt excavated from the site. Photo: Sharon Johnson