200 George St

200 George Street

Aboriginal Due Diligence Assessment
Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit
Archaeological Research Design
Heritage Impact Assessment
Heritage Interpretation Plan
Heritage Interpretation Signage


Sydney, NSW

200 George Street, Sydney, is steeped in history.

Over four years GML identified, managed and interpreted the significant archaeology and associated heritage issues of this complex development.

With minimal impact to Mirvac’s demolition and construction program, GML fulfilled the high potential of the archaeology of the site for research and education—planning excavation, salvaging artefacts and creatively incorporating them into the heritage interpretation to convey stories from the past to the public.

We also designed hoardings and other communications strategies to meet OEH requirements during project construction, and our proactive approach to Aboriginal due diligence ensured smooth progress through the development approval process.

Alongside project architects FJMT, GML turned the site’s heritage into an asset for the new building.


Artefacts from the site are displayed in the wall of the grand staircase at the entry to the building with a QR code that allows visitors to access more information online. An interpretive ground inlay shows the location of the original foreshore and historical imagery is incorporated into a decorative zinc facade.

Artefacts from the site are displayed in the wall of the grand staircase at the entry to the building.

Archaeological artefacts are integrated into display cases on the development’s grand staircase.

Interpretive panels along Underwood Street capture passersby, telling the stories of the site.

Artefacts, such as this bottle and stopper, were found on site by archaeologists at 200 George Street.

Artist Judy Watson was commissioned to design a stunning sandstone installation in the entry foyer that integrates many aspects of the archaeology and Aboriginal significance of the place.



2017 Architecture Awards—The Harry Seidler Awards


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