Australian Parliament House

Australian Parliament House

Heritage Advice and Heritage Impact Assessments

Department of Parliament Services

Canberra, ACT

Australian Parliament House is a nationally significant place requiring specialised management.

As the Australian Parliament administers its own affairs, the building and grounds are managed under Parliamentary Acts, which is unlike any other heritage listed places in Australia.

At times, the National Capital Authority is consulted when external works are proposed to Parliament House and a heritage impact assessment may be required as part of the Works Approval process.

Management of Parliament House requires consideration of the importance and role of the place to the nation; its architectural and design integrity, the democratic significance of the building in the landscape, and the functional needs of its large and diverse workforce are integral.

GML has provided heritage services at Parliament House. Our team has a working knowledge of Parliament House and its landscape, its design principles and its significance to the nation. In consultation with the Director of Heritage at Parliament House, GML developed a site-specific, tailored methodology for robust and transparent heritage advice and heritage impact assessments to suit the place.

GML has worked with architects, project managers and engineers to collaborate, investigate and assess approaches to ongoing works at Parliament House that ensure the heritage values and design integrity of the building are being retained. This collaboration has resulted in several successful works projects and improve the process through which works are designed, carried out and the heritage values are maintained.