ANU Florey Building

Archival Recording
Heritage Impact Assessment
Heritage Interpretation Plan

Australian National University

Canberra, ACT

Designed in the postwar period, the Modernist ANU Florey Building was once a state-of-the-art medical research facility.

GML prepared an archival recording prior to its refurbishment.

Originally the John Curtin School of Medical Research, the Florey building was built in the 1950s. One of the first major buildings at the ANU, it was the site of ground-breaking and multi-award-winning medical research, and is now the ANU’s medical school.

GML worked closely with the ANU to assist with the conservation, interpretation and adaptation of the building, emphasising its highly specific and crafted details—including custom laboratory furniture designed by Fred Ward and the ANU Design Unit. This furniture was documented along with historical evidence, including copies of original drawings, in a photographic archival recording.

Refurbishment by Collard Clarke Jackson, Canberra.

As part of the refurbishment, best practice heritage methodology was followed to conserve features such as the main foyer, library and entrance to the building, while also maintaining functionality for user groups.

Images of the building’s history were used as artwork and privacy screens throughout the building.

The archival recording was provided as part of a complete suite of services by GML, including heritage advice, a heritage impact assessment and heritage interpretation.



2015 National Trust Award—Significant Contribution to Heritage Conservation
Australian National Institute of Architects (ACT)—JS Murdoch Heritage Award