Lynette Gurr
Senior Associate

Lynette Gurr has over 20 years’ experience as a heritage consultant with a background in architecture, fine arts, history and archaeology.

She has a depth of experience in the management of built, urban and landscape heritage of national, state and local significance and is well versed in heritage planning requirements at all levels.

Lynette has worked on a diverse range of heritage projects including conservation management plans, heritage planning, heritage interpretation strategies, schedules of works, and heritage impact statements. She is also experienced in the community consultation process.

Lynette’s project experience is wide-ranging and includes industrial smelters, churches, botanical gardens, reservoirs, homesteads, roads, bridges and hospitals across Australia and internationally. In recent years, Lynette has presented on heritage themes at conferences and published on contemporary heritage issues.


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‘Heritage is inspired by history, culture, change, creation and regeneration. The more we know about our history and heritage, the more liberated and visionary is our future.’


Master of Heritage Conservation, University of Sydney

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Sydney

Bachelor of Science Architecture (Honours), University of Sydney

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Sydney