East Kunderang Pastoral Station

Conservation Management Plan
First Nations Engagement

National Parks & Wildlife Service
NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

East Kunderang, NSW
Thunggutti Country

East Kunderang is a state heritage-listed former pastoral station in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.

The pastoral station tells a rich and unique story of early colonial life, frontier violence and shared European and Aboriginal history of the pastoral industry in New South Wales—it is a symbol of the Australian bush experience.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) engaged GML to update the Conservation Management Plan East Kunderang Pastoral Station (East Kunderang).

We reviewed the 2003 CMP for East Kunderang—identifying gaps and areas to be revised or updated. The update included a reassessment of the site’s heritage values, policies and procedures in line with current guidance principles to sensitively manage change to this special place into the future.

We also facilitated a two-day stakeholder workshop and interviewed Thungguttii traditional owners and community members to ensure their cultural heritage, language and attachments to the place are reflected appropriated in the CMP.

Using best practice principles and approaches (IAP2 and Dhawura Ngilan) in community engagement and conservation and management of heritage places, a Traditional Owner and First Nations Stakeholder engagement methodology was developed.

The updated CMP will assist assist NPWS in ongoing management, interpretation and protection of the place; and support enduring community connections to the Station.

The East Kunderang Pastoral Station in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.