Emma Moore
Graduate Consultant


Emma is a heritage professional and archaeologist with experience working under the Victorian Heritage Act 2017 and Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Emma has an academic background in archaeology, history and classics, making her a driven researcher with a passion for cultural heritage. Emma graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2020 and is currently completing her Honours thesis.

In her undergraduate degree, Emma had a strong focus on sustainable heritage management practices both in Australia and overseas. The highlight of her degree was receiving an Australian Government New Colombo Plan Scholarship to study cultural heritage management in Myanmar in cooperation with UNESCO and the Australia Myanmar Institute.

Emma has three years’ experience working as an archaeologist in Australia and has been involved with large-scale historical excavations, artefact management, cultural heritage management plans, salvage reports and surveys.

At GML, Emma works on a range of archaeological projects at all stages, contributing to background research, report writing and fieldwork.


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‘Archaeology helps us understand the complexities of heritage and gives us the opportunity to tell the stories of those who came before us based on what they left behind.’


Honours Degree for the Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology), La Trobe university (currently undertaking)

Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology), La Trobe University