Catherine Munro

Catherine Munro
Heritage Consultant, Archaeologist

Catherine Munro is a heritage consultant and archaeologist with experience on historical archaeological sites throughout NSW.

She holds a Bachelor of Archaeology, majoring in Anthropology, from Macquarie University.

Catherine is experienced in undertaking archaeological excavations and has produced and contributed to a range of historical reports including excavation reports, archaeological assessments and artefact reports. She also has experience in producing accurate excavation plans, schematics and illustrations.

Catherine is skilled in historical artefact analysis and cataloguing. She is also competent in the management and processing of artefacts. She has experience in cataloguing metals, ceramics, glass and building materials.


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‘Archaeology provides an opportunity to discover connections between the past and present. I love the chance to develop new knowledge and understanding of people and places.’


Bachelor of Archaeology (majoring in Anthropology), Macquarie University