Lisa Trueman

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Lisa Trueman, GML Senior Heritage Consultant, is an architect and heritage consultant with over 25 years’ experience in heritage conservation, including 15 years as a heritage adviser in local government. Lisa is highly experienced in providing design advice and statutory guidance, and has extensive knowledge of conservation practice and heritage legislation at both local and state level.

Lisa has worked on numerous local government heritage studies and reviews, and provided advice on, and assessment of, the heritage impact of proposed works to heritage listed places. She has extensive experience as an expert witness in the Land and Environment Court of NSW.

Lisa’s work at GML involves the provision of heritage advice and the assessment of heritage impact for a range of projects, from minor additions to large scale commercial developments. Prior to joining GML Heritage, Lisa worked as a heritage adviser at North Sydney Council, Manly Council and Hornsby Council.

Minna Muhlen-Schulte

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Interpretation connects us to our history. It helps us to recognise the complexity of human experience in a landscape or urban fabric, and understand our city in a new light.

Minna Muhlen-Schulte, GML Heritage Senior Consultant, has a background in museums, heritage and interpretation projects. Minna holds a Master of Public History from Monash University and a First Class Honours degree from the University of NSW.

As a professional historian and project manager, Minna has developed substantial experience in consulting environments leading research, building interpretive frameworks and community engagement projects for government and private clients in NSW and Victoria. She brings knowledge of government arts and heritage policies and processes to GML.

Minna specialises in historical research and interpretive content development for a diverse range of formats including online heritage databases, websites, signage copywriting, ABC Radio National, exhibitions, landscape and architectural designs.

In addition to her consulting experience, Minna has authored and presented peer reviewed research as part of her Berry Family Fellowship into Victoria’s social history.

Annabelle Tanuwidjojo

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Fluid, dynamic and flexible, heritage places can coexist with innovative architecture for striking design, world-class sustainability outcomes and public engagement with a site’s past and future. I’m interested in how heritage conservation, interpretation and adaptive re-use can help build the cities of tomorrow.

Annabelle Tanuwidjojo, GML Graduate Heritage Consultant, has a background in interior architecture and heritage. She holds a Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) from the University of New South Wales. She also recently completed a Graduate Diploma of Heritage Conservation, with a focus on the revival of heritage buildings into contemporary places. Before joining GML, Annabelle worked with cultural heritage institutions such as the National Trust of Australia and Sydney Living Museums.

Through her tertiary education and industry experience, Annabelle has developed skills in heritage significance assessments and the production of heritage impact statements and conservation management plans. She has an interest in the disaster risk management of cultural heritage places and serves as the Secretary of Blue Shield Australia, the cultural equivalent of the Red Cross. Annabelle was also a contributing editor of the abstracts of the 2016 ICOMOS International Scientific Symposium Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Istanbul.

Since joining GML, Annabelle has supported the Heritage Places team by undertaking the role of GML Proposals Coordinator.

Sophie Jennings

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Archaeology connects people to place. I love the thrill of discovery, of uncovering an unusual association or quirky aspect of a site that wasn’t known before.

Sophie Jennings, GML Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist, holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Archaeology from the University of Sydney, with Honours in Archaeology from the University of Western Australia. She has nine years of experience working in the heritage sector, and has undertaken archaeological projects in both Australia and England.

Prior to joining GML, Sophie worked for several years in London, gaining experience in undertaking archaeological impact assessments for major commercial, industrial and residential developments across the city and southeast England. This experience made her a skilled field archaeologist, as she worked on a range of urban and rural excavations dating from the Bronze Age through to the Tudor period.

Sophie is also skilled in Aboriginal archaeology, having undertaken the planning and management of heritage surveys in Western Australia. In addition to the technical aspects of the role, this involved Aboriginal community liaison and managing a range of stakeholders from both government and private sectors.

Lara Tooby

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I’m interested in how heritage can be utilised to understand human history whilst reinforcing ongoing cultural meaning within contemporary communities. The diverse insights enabled through cultural heritage conservation may have substantial value not only for the present, but for the future.

Lara Tooby, GML Graduate Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist, holds a Bachelor of Arts with Archaeology Honours from the University of Sydney.

Over the course of her tertiary education and industry experience, Lara has developed skills in archaeological excavation, anthropological and historical research, stone artefact identification, site recording and artefact processing. She has had experience working on both Aboriginal and historical archaeological sites. In February 2017 Lara participated in the University of Sydney’s excavations at Pella in Jordan.

As part of her Honours dissertation Lara investigated the shell mounds at Ballina within a holistic landscape history. Lara was able to demonstrate that the mounds were extremely significant in the cultural landscape of the Ballina region. Her research found that the middens were continuously used for over 2000 years and were central to the society and beliefs of Aboriginal people.

Lara has undertaken contract work for GML since 2014, and joined the GML team as a Graduate Heritage Consultant in October 2016. Key GML projects Lara has worked on include Parramatta RSL, Arthur Phillip High School, DHA Schofields Aerodrome, Parramatta Park and West Dapto. As part of these projects Lara has helped the Archaeology Team with Aboriginal and historical archaeological excavations, due diligence assessments and post-excavation works such as artefact processing, analysis, photography and reporting.

Anna Simanowsky

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Anna Simanowsky, GML Senior Heritage Consultant, is a registered architect. Her qualifications and experience give her a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges of working with heritage listed buildings. She has well developed knowledge of how to achieve a successful project outcome that meets both client needs and heritage requirements.

With over 15 years’ experience as a practising architect, the focus of Anna’s work has been on existing buildings, including adaptive re-use. Anna has worked on projects involving restoration and refurbishment, as well as the upgrading of buildings to meet current access and services requirements. Anna’s projects have included a range of educational, cultural, private and commercial buildings, including some of Sydney’s most prestigious heritage places.

Anna’s work at GML has involved the provision of heritage advice and the assessment of heritage impact for a range of projects, from minor additions to large scale commercial developments.

Anna’s heritage interests focus on practical implementation of conservation practice, and the integration of heritage with modern day uses.


Melissa Moritz

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You can learn as much about our heritage from archaeology and buildings as you can from history books. I love being able to uncover and share these hidden stories.

Melissa Moritz, GML Graduate Heritage Consultant, recently completed a Graduate Diploma of Museum and Heritage Studies at the University of Sydney. Melissa has a background in archaeology, museum, heritage studies and anthropology. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology) from La Trobe University, Melbourne.

Melissa has an understanding of heritage planning legislation at federal, state and local levels. She has applied her research and writing skills to assist in the production of heritage impact statements, heritage assessments and conservation management plans, as well as interpretation plans and heritage asset management sheets.

Through her tertiary studies and industry experience, Melissa has gained experience in archaeological assessments and excavation, taking part in archaeological research in Romania.

Since joining GML, Melissa has supported the firm by undertaking the role of Proposals Coordinator and has worked on a range of projects, including archaeological investigations and historical research, as well as assisting in production of reports.

Jodi Cameron

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Working in archaeology is an amazing privilege. It’s exciting to discover the unique history of each site through research and excavation.

Jodi Cameron, GML Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist, has five years’ experience working in Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Archaeology Honours from the University of Sydney.

Through her tertiary education and industry experience, Jodi has developed skills in project management, reporting, interpretation, historical research, excavation, site recording, and artefact processing. She has worked on both Indigenous and historical archaeological sites across New South Wales, the ACT, Tasmania and South Australia.

Since joining GML, Jodi has worked on a number of projects, including the Sydney Opera House, Parramatta Park, the CBD and South East Light Rail project, and a number of projects related to the redevelopment of the Willowdale precinct in East Leppington.


Hannah Griffiths

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Cultural heritage is more than buildings and artefacts. It is evident in the places around us; the design of our cities and suburbs, the urban landscapes and precincts. Canberra is a wonderful example of this—a city distinctly connected to its natural and cultural heritage values.

Hannah Griffiths, GML Heritage Consultant, has a heritage management background. She holds a Bachelor of Cultural Heritage with Arts (Honours), having submitted a thesis on the heritage management partnership at The Big Dig Site at The Rocks in Sydney. She has studied cultural heritage, archaeology, building and object conservation, heritage interpretation, and ethics and professional practice.

Hannah has worked on a range of Commonwealth projects for the National Capital Authority and Departments of Defence, Finance, Parliamentary Services and Infrastructure and Regional Development. She has prepared heritage advice and impact assessments for a wide variety of heritage sites across Australia under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 (Cwlth) legislation. Hannah has also delivered projects under ACT heritage legislation.

Hannah is a member of the National Trust (ACT) Heritage Committee and the Property Council of Australia’s (ACT Division) Sponsorship, Marketing and Events Committee.

Stela Rahman

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A heritage place can contribute to architecture and design, represent a masterpiece of human creativity, or illustrate cultural traditions that are disappearing. I enjoy the challenge of re-imagining heritage to help retain these values, while providing new uses for future generations.

Stela Rahman, GML Heritage Consultant, holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.

Prior to joining GML, Stela worked with the Office of Environment and Heritage. She has an in-depth knowledge of legislative requirements and the heritage approvals process, and experience managing competing stakeholder expectations.

Stela is a strong communicator, with excellent negotiation and report writing skills. She has provided heritage advice to a diverse range of clients, utilising her background in environmental planning and architecture.

Emma McGirr

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I’m interested in the synergies that exist between heritage, place making and the creative arts. Good heritage planning and management ensures significant places form a source of continuing inspiration for artists, makers and community builders.

Emma McGirr, GML Heritage Consultant, is a heritage specialist with a background in historical, curatorial and cultural studies as well as experience in urban planning. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Art History) from the University of Sydney and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of NSW.

Emma has worked with specialist planning consultancies and a diverse range of clients in the property industry. She is well versed in coordinating multidisciplinary project teams and preparing large-scale submissions to approval authorities. Emma is skilled at managing complex projects in high pressure environments and has undertaken key groundwork on a number of highly significant sites for both the public and private sectors.

Emma is building expertise in the areas of ‘hands-on’ conservation and analysis of historic buildings, landscapes and precincts. Since joining GML, Emma has honed her skills to assist in the production of heritage impact statements, heritage assessments and conservation management plans, as well as curtilage studies and interpretation plans

Caitlin D’Gluyas

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The thing that excites me most about this job is pulling archaeological and historical resources together—artefacts, environmental evidence, historical documents. I find the process fascinating.

Caitlin D’Gluyas (nee Dircks), GML Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist, holds a Bachelor of Liberal Studies with First Class Honours in Archaeology from the University of Sydney.

Caitlin has worked as a research assistant and artefact analyst, as well as a contract archaeologist on a variety of excavations throughout NSW. She has practical experience in archaeological excavation, soil science, artefact processing and management of archaeological fieldwork coordination. She has strong skills in working with clients and contractors on site and in project management, site logistics and archaeological site management in NSW and Victoria.

Since joining GML, Caitlin has worked on a range of projects, including both Aboriginal and historical archaeological investigations, archaeological research designs, Aboriginal archaeological assessments, conservation management plans, heritage impact assessments, and post-excavation reporting. Caitlin also provides heritage inductions and has a strong knowledge and understanding of state and federal heritage legislation, best practice policies and guidelines.

Shezani Nasoordeen

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Heritage is about a community’s connection to culture and Country. We help people manage these special places and examine the continuity and change of both material and immaterial culture. Sometimes we have the privilege of reconnecting communities with their heritage, even in a mosaic landscape.

Shezani Nasoordeen, GML Consultant, has credentials in archaeology and anthropology, with 10 years’ experience working in communities throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Egypt.

Shezani is experienced in Aboriginal heritage management under NSW, Queensland and Commonwealth legislation, with a particular specialisation in Indigenous Land Use Agreements. She has expertise in archaeological survey, from leading survey teams to recording and data management. Her sophisticated GIS abilities, statistical analyses and database management skills allow her to provide efficient and innovative cultural heritage management and communication to clients and other stakeholders.

Throughout her career, Shezani has worked closely with stakeholders in both public and private sectors—including Aboriginal communities, planners, architects, engineers and environmental specialists—as part of community engagement processes. She is equipped to facilitate mutually agreed and beneficial outcomes on even the most complex and sensitive sites.

Bethany Lance

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The terms ‘heritage’ and ‘old’ are often seen as synonymous but this isn’t always the case. Working with elements of our past can be fun and exciting and I love coming up with new innovative ways to utilise, engage with, and educate people about our heritage.

Bethany Lance, GML Heritage Consultant, has over four years’ experience in historical research, significance assessments and built heritage reports. She holds a Master of Liberal Arts and has studied cultural heritage; archaeology; building and object conservation; history; museum and cultural heritage management; and actively engaged with professional practice throughout her tertiary education.

Since joining GML, Bethany has worked on a wide variety of projects, including heritage management plans for the King George V Memorial, Blundells Cottage and Yarralumla Nursery, heritage advice and adaptive re-use projects for the John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University, and projects in the Indian Ocean Territories.

Bethany has also undertaken an internship with the ANU at Kakadu National Park where she assisted with stakeholder workshops and to create the Cultural Heritage Management Plan. Prior to joining GML, Bethany was employed as a Research Assistant at the National Trust of Australia.

Jane McMahon

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Material culture allows us to take hold of the past with both hands, providing a tangible link to those who have gone before and coloured our communities. To discover an artefact is to discover another precious insight into our collective story and another thread in the tapestry of each unique life.

Jane McMahon, GML Heritage Senior Consultant, holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in archaeology and heritage studies from the University of Sydney. Since joining GML in 2014, Jane has worked on a range of historical and Aboriginal heritage projects, gaining diverse experience in archaeology and heritage interpretation.

Jane is experienced in the management and excavation of historical and Aboriginal archaeological projects, including those associated with major infrastructure. Jane has also worked on sites in Greece and Cyprus. She has gained important experience in all aspects of excavation, from trench supervision to laboratory work. She has also assisted with post-excavation works, including artefact processing and post-excavation reporting.

Jane’s previous experience in museum education, collection management and public programs has provided a sound basis for her work in heritage interpretation. She has prepared interpretation plans and strategies, as well as working with multidisciplinary teams to develop creative content.

She is experienced in managing and preparing archaeological and heritage assessments—including significance and impact assessments and research designs—for a number of complex sites, particularly in urban areas. She has worked with a range of clients from the public and private sector, including state government agencies.

Jennifer Jones

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Working as an archaeologist is rewarding because through artefacts, structural remnants and landscapes we can provide communities with a tangible connection to those who came before them.

Jennifer Jones, GML Senior Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist, holds a PhD in archaeology and has over a decade of experience as an archaeologist and collections manager. She specialises in historical archaeology and has worked on archaeological projects across Australia, Canada, and Jamaica.

An experienced field archaeologist, she has supervised, directed and worked on both historical and Aboriginal archaeological projects. Her areas of research interest include the construction of place in tourism and the intersections of class, gender and ethnicity at colonial archaeological sites. Her strengths include surveying and investigating sites, research design, material culture analysis, and collections management. With a firm grounding in consulting, government and academic archaeology, Jennifer offers a well-rounded approach to archaeological projects and problems.

She recently completed her dissertation on the historical archaeology of tourism at World Heritage-listed Port Arthur in Tasmania.

Angela So

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I love working in historical research and heritage interpretation. Pulling together stories in a cohesive and meaningful way is incredibly satisfying.

Angela So, GML Heritage Consultant, has over 10 years’ experience in archaeology, historical research and interpretation planning. She holds a Master of Arts (Research) in convict landscape archaeology and has particular expertise in historical research and investigation, and the development of interpretive content for a diverse range of formats.

Angela is also a skilled field archaeologist and has assisted with the development of photographic archival recordings. She is also well versed in local, state and Commonwealth heritage legislation.

Angela has worked on both public and private sector archaeology projects across Australia, including UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Sydney Opera House and Macquarie Harbour (a part of the Tasmanian Wilderness listing).

She has also worked on international projects in Cambodia, the Caribbean and Cyprus. Most recently, Angela has undertaken historical research and interpretation planning for Parramatta Park.

Sarah Webeck

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I believe that heritage is about finding meaning in the places around us. Through identifying, managing and interpreting significant places, we are conserving our culture for future generations.

Sarah Webeck, GML Senior Heritage Consultant and Manager, Canberra Office is a built heritage specialist with extensive project management experience in providing heritage conservation advice, undertaking assessments and preparing management reports.

Sarah has an architectural background, and specialises in the identification, assessment and analysis of built heritage, with skills in historic research, heritage significance, impact assessment, adaptive re-use and archival recording.

Sarah has worked on a diverse range of projects with GML for small scale and complex sites throughout Australia, based on a thorough understanding of local, state and Commonwealth heritage legislation and  best practice heritage principles. Projects include heritage impact assessments, strategic heritage advice, significance assessments, interpretation strategies and heritage management plans.

Sarah has particular experience in working on Defence sites, and was involved in the innovative nation-wide thematic study of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Bases.