Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2050

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Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Sydney Olympic Park, NSW
Wangal Country

Located within a former industrial precinct, on Wangal land that stretches to the shores of Parramatta River and Homebush Bay, Sydney Olympic Park is an evolving mixed-use precinct of large-scale sports infrastructure, residential and commercial developments, and rich and varied open spaces.

As a place, Sydney Olympic Park is synonymous with the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games. It is also host to diverse ecological and natural heritage, colonial, military and industrial heritage (both built and archaeological), and holds strong social and cultural connections with local First Nations people.

In 2022, Sydney Olympic Park Authority commenced an update of the master planning vision for Sydney Olympic Park. The suburb is planned to undergo substantial transformation over the coming decades, with significantly increased transport, population, commercial and open space activity.

GML was commissioned by Sydney Olympic Park Authority to provide advice on the master planning vision and prepare heritage policy, including the review of existing industrial and military heritage, and initial heritage analysis of the suburb’s Olympic legacy.

GML also created a heritage interpretation strategy for Sydney Olympic Park, drawing on the area’s varied migrant and labour history, and facilitated Aboriginal cultural heritage engagement alongside the preparation of due diligence reporting for Aboriginal cultural heritage management.

The Olympic Cauldron, Sydney Olympic Park

Military and industrial heritage at Newington Armory

Military and industrial heritage at Newington Armory