Rushcutters Bay Park and Yarranabbe Park​

Conservation Management Strategy

Woollahra Municipal Council


Woollahra Municipal Council engaged GML to prepare a conservation management strategy for the sections of the parks that lie within the Woollahra local government area. 

Rushcutters Bay Park and Yarranabbe Park (including the Sir David Martin Reserve and Plantation Reserve, and the sea wall) are heritage-listed harbourside parklands in Sydney’s inner eastern suburbs, managed by Woollahra council (along with City of Sydney for parkland west of the stormwater channel). For nearly 150 years these parks have been a popular space for organised sport, swimming, boating, leisure and play. ​

In collaboration with specialist landscape adviser Ari Anderson, GML undertook site investigations, targeted historical and archaeological research to augment the significance assessment undertaken when the parks (including the area were jointly listed on the State Heritage Register. We graded the significance of the park’s built and landscape elements, and integrated current historical archaeological and Aboriginal heritage reporting, and proposed conservation policies to assist Woollahra Municipal Council in its future decision-making for the parks.

GML’s conservation management strategy provides the necessary heritage management framework to help protect the heritage values of these layered, complex foreshore parks, while meeting the needs of the local community.