Kelly House

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Beveridge, Victoria
Taungurung and Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country

GML Heritage was part of the project team tasked with restoring the childhood home of bushranger Ned Kelly on behalf of Heritage Victoria, providing heritage advice and overseeing conservation works.

Kelly House in Beveridge, Victoria, is the infamous bushranger, Ned Kelly’s former childhood home. Built c1860 by his father John Kelly, it was originally a three-room home with additions made in the latter half of the nineteenth century by the Stewart family. Considered a rare example of vernacular timber cottage construction based on Irish principles, Kelly House is of archaeological, architectural and historic significance to the State of Victoria.

After falling into a state of disrepair, the property was purchased by the government in 2019. Conservation works were planned in order to restore the collapsing structure and to eventually allow public viewings of the site.

GML was commissioned by the then Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to project manage the conservation works of Kelly House after developing the Kelly House Conservation Works Plan in 2016.

GML coordinated and managed a large team of specialist subconsultants in order to integrate all services coherently. These included Heritage Victoria, archaeologists, engineers, building surveyors, landscape architects, interpretation specialists and the building contractor. The integration of these services was highly complex due to the sensitivity of the built fabric and its archaeological significance. GML were part of the Monthly Project Control Group and were the primary point of contact for all subconsultants. GML were also successful in gaining both Heritage and Building Permits for the project working within complex statutory requirements that will allow public access to this significant heritage site.

All conservation works led to successful completion and Kelly House will be ready to open to the public in the near future.

Kelly House before conservation works were completed. Photo: Hin Lim Photography

Kelly House before conservation works were completed. Photo: Hin Lim Photography