Petersham Mural

Petersham Grandstand

Interpretation Plan

Inner West Council

Petersham, NSW

For over a century Petersham Park has been the stage for sporting heroes, triumphant moments and the din of a crowd cheering on their team.

Whether it was the sound of a wooden cricket bat hitting a six or the clang of the metal baseball bat hitting a home run, a loyal community has stood by in the bleachers glued to their team and the action unfolding on the oval before them.

Inner West Council engaged GML Heritage to develop a Heritage Interpretation Plan to engage visitors in the sports history associated with the grandstand, with an emphasis on the sportspeople and social aspects of games held on the site.We unearthed a series of stories that celebrate both the familiar and less familiar history of the place. We delved into cricketing history, the oft forgotten female cricketers of the area and the history of baseball at the park. Our team of designers then developed a suite of signage focusing on these stories and helped commission a mural on the Grandstands watertankby a local artist of Mollie ‘The Demon’ Flaherty, one of Australia’s first female fast bowlers.