Blundells Cottage Interpretation Strategy

Heritage Interpretation Strategy

National Capital Authority

Canberra, ACT
Ngambri-Ngunnawal Country

Blundells Cottage is a special place with a unique story to tell in the context of the history and lived experience of the National Capital.

The cottage provides an exceptional opportunity, through its history, fabric and collections, to interpret how people lived in Canberra as it transitioned from Ngambri-Ngunnawal country, through a pastoral estate on the Limestone Plains to resumed Commonwealth land and a local home farm.

The National Capital Authority (NCA) recognised the opportunity to improve the way in which these stories are told through a greater understanding and awareness of the site and its surrounding landscape, commissioning GML Heritage to develop an Interpretation Strategy for the place.

GML worked with NCA and the volunteer staff at the Cottage to develop a suite of recommendations to elevate the stories of the place from deep time to the present, including soundscapes, projections, a signage trail, workshops and public art, which culminate in an immersive experience for visitors.

The report included guidance on future design stages as well as a staged approach to funding each interpretive initiative proposed.

Blundells Cottage