Mildura Riverfront Project

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Due Diligence Assessment

Mesh Planning
Mildura Rural City Council

Mildura, VIC
Latji Latji Country

GML Heritage developed an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment for the Mildura Riverfront as part of the Mildura Rural City Council Masterplan.

The Latji Latji and Ngintait people have lived along the Gol Gol (Murray River) since time immemorial. They lived in harmony with nature, and nurtured their Country, whilst their Country in turn nurtured them.

They occupied camping places along the Gol Gol, which not only provided them with a fresh water source but also supported entire ecosystems that Latji Latji and Ngintait people were able to use for nutritional, medicinal and ceremonial purposes. Sometimes the only things that are left from these moments in time are stone tools, shell middens, and scarred trees.

GML conducted an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Due Diligence Assessment to determine the presence and types of previously recorded Aboriginal places, and the likelihood of the presence of unrecorded Aboriginal places. The nature of historical disturbance that had taken place within the area was also assessed against the likelihood of unrecorded Aboriginal places.

Opportunities, constraints and recommendations for urban planners Mesh and the Mildura Rural City Council were included in the assessment. Future obligations under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2018 were also provided to assist in masterplanning and future development.

Early plan of Mildura, 1851. (Source: PROV)