Lake Burley Griffin Heritage Management Plan

Lake Burley Griffin is one of the defining features of Australia’s national capital, and is an essential part of the original layout of Canberra designed by Walter Burley and Marion Mahoney Griffin.

GML was engaged to prepare a heritage Assessment and Heritage Management Plan for the National Capital Authority (NCA). Made with significant contributions by community groups and stakeholders, the future management of Lake Burley Griffin and adjacent lands is set out in policies that will help retain its natural and Commonwealth heritage significance whilst facilitating its active use and interpretation.

This project involved an integrated and holistic study of cultural and natural values, and their meanings in community life. The analysis and research phases of this project involved extensive community consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, using meetings, workshops and web-based surveys to make sure multiple community voices were heard and people’s views were incorporated into policy development.

The reports enable the NCA to strategically manage the highly regarded heritage values of Lake Burley Griffin, described as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Canberra, our national capital. Since being finalised in October 2009, the HMP has been used regularly by the NCA, successfully assisting managers in major decision-making related to the lake. The four volume format has provided easy access for NCA managers and contractors on a daily basis. The intensity of community engagement in heritage values assessment and policy development for such a large and complex site provided a broad range of opportunities for everyone to be involved in heritage management of a nationally important site.

In 2010 the report received the National Trust Heritage Award for Best Conservation Management Plan.



2010 Energy Australia National Trust (NSW) Heritage Awards: Conservation Management Plan Category