Canberra Brickworks Precinct

Conservation Management Plan
Statement of Heritage Effects
Archaeological Excavation
Interpretation Strategy

Doma Group

Canberra, ACT

The Canberra Brickworks is at the heart of the social and historic fabric of Canberra.

The red bricks produced at this historically significant site were used in all construction in the early decades of the national capital—in residences, public buildings and government offices alike. GML has provided a range of heritage services for this iconic place from 2017 to today. 

Built in 1913, the Canberra Brickworks is included on the ACT Heritage Register. GML’s projects at the Canberra Brickworks illuminated the history of the site and incorporated this history into planning for its future uses. 

Our conservation management plan (CMP) detailed the site’s significant heritage elements, including when they were built, how they were used in the past, their current condition, and their management and conservation requirements.

Based on this CMP we prepared several Statement of Heritage Effects (SHE) reports, assessing the potential heritage impacts of various aspects and stages of the proposed Canberra Brickworks development. The SHE recognised the quality and value of the development’s design, and its potential for positive heritage effects.

During archaeological excavations, GML uncovered the remains of the earliest phases of brick kilns and investigated the former workers’ accommodation at the site. These findings rounded out the site history, revealing more information about past activities at the brickworks. 

Looking towards the future of the site, GML prepared an interpretation strategy to help embed the heritage values within the design and landscape. The proposed interpretation approaches remain true to the brickworks’ character, while engaging audiences with the industrial history of the site and the stories of the brick workers who helped shape Canberra’s built heritage.


Photo source: National Archives of Australia