Hammerhead Crane

Archival Recording

Brookfield Johnsons Control (Department of Defence)

Sydney, NSW

Sydney’s Hammerhead Crane was constructed between 1944 and 1951 to service and maintain warships.

It was progressively removed in 2014. GML coordinated recording of the structure using a range of technologies, including innovative 3D scanning, before and during its removal.

Located at the Garden Island naval base, the giant cantilever crane was a part of the Sydney skyline for over 60 years. As it was a significant part of Sydney Harbour’s industrial past, archival recording was a condition of consent.

Seeing the potential of new technology to record the structure in new ways, GML worked with RPS Group to record the crane using 3D laser scanning technology. Accurate to the millimetre, the resultant models can be viewed from multiple angles and give future researchers the ability to understand the construction, operation and spatial qualities of the crane in a way that traditional 2D mapping cannot.

As part of the project, GML worked with Hyperion Design and undertook targeted photography, video and time-lapse photography before and during its removal.

3D rendering of Hammerhead Crane showing hook trolley and block.

A 3D rendering of the hook trolley and block of the crane.


RPS Group
Hyperion Design