Darlington Public School Archival Recording

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Recording
Photographic and Oral Archival Recording

School Infrastructure NSW

Darlington, NSW
Gadigal Country

Darlington Public School is renowned for its connection with the local Aboriginal community, playing a part in public education for 46 years.

The school has uniquely designed and adapted spaces with Aboriginal art, cultural practice, song and language. The school’s art collection comprises over 100 Aboriginal objects and artwork that have been gifted, produced or manufactured in collaboration with Aboriginal Elders, parents, teachers and students. 

GML was commissioned by Mace Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of School Infrastructure NSW, to undertake a photographic and oral recording of artworks within the school, as part of the school’s redevelopment. 

The project included high resolution photographic records of 10 murals in the archival record, taken by architectural photographer Michael Nicholson, noting the location of each artwork within the extant Darlington Public School. Some of these images are anticipated to be incorporated in the new school design.  

Oral recordings with artists and significant members of the school community helped us to further understand the social importance of the artworks to the school, students and school community.   

Hero image: Aunty Norma Mural

Hear GML Principal and Archaeologist Dr Tim Owen talk about the archival project.

The school hall featuring six Jarjums Rugs designed by students (Bucca, Home, Mother Earth Raging Sands, Quindalup, Spiritual animal and Traditional Island Hunting)

Wall mural painted by Peter Oxley. Photo: Michael Nicholson

Photo: Michael Nicholson

Photo: Michael Nicholson