Beneficial House, Sydney

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Brookfield Properties

Sydney, NSW
Cadigal Country

Beneficial House, built in 1922 as the Peapes Department Store, has over the years been modified and adapted for various uses, including commercial.

Beneficial House forms part of the newly developed Brookfield Place Sydney, revitalising the transport hub at Wynyard with the addition of office and retail space and greater connectivity. The building and its interior is listed as a local heritage item.​

​Beneficial House is a seven-storey building in an adapted Georgian Style and a well-known feature of the George Street streetscape near Wynyard. Established in 1922 as the Peapes Department Store, it became well known for exclusive menswear and a popular destination for shoppers during the twentieth century. ​

From construction commencement in 2016, Brookfield Properties committed to conserve and restore this local heritage item and commissioned GML to provide a suite of heritage advice including Archaeological Assessment, Schedule of Conservation Works and Heritage Impact Statements.​

GML worked closely with Multiplex, the project architects, engineer, planner and traditional trade contractors to deliver a quality heritage building featuring sandstone, brickwork, rendered elements and joinery.

A highlight of the project was the discovery of the Peapes painted wall on the south wall of Beneficial House which was conserved where feasible within the approved design.

The Brookfield Place development also includes the conservation of Shell House.

Significant features and detailing of the building envelope were conserved and adapted. Photo courtesy of Multiplex.

Internally, the joinery and flooring was carefully restored. Photo courtesy of Multiplex.

The original Peapes signage is revealed on the building’s exterior.