Sophie Jennings
Senior Heritage Consultant, Archaeologist


Sophie Jennings, GML Senior Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist, holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Archaeology from the University of Sydney, with Honours in Archaeology from the University of Western Australia. She has thirteen years’ experience working in the heritage sector and has undertaken archaeological projects in both Australia and England.

At GML, Sophie has managed archaeology on a range of urban and regional development projects, including major transport infrastructure projects. She has worked on and led archaeological excavations in Parramatta, western Sydney, and in Melbourne. Sophie brings to each project her passion for archaeology, a keen attention to detail, and desire to assist clients in achieving great project outcomes.

Prior to joining GML, Sophie worked for several years in London, gaining experience in undertaking archaelogical impact assessments for major commercial, industrial and residential developments across the city and southeast England. This experience gave her skills in field archaeology on a range of urban and rural excavations dating from the Bronze Age through to the Tudor period.

Sophie is also skilled in Aboriginal archaeology, having worked in Western Australia and NSW on survey, planning and excavation projects. Sophie has experience in Aboriginal community liaison and stakeholder communication.

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Archaeology connects people to place. I love the thrill of discovery, of uncovering an unusual association or quirky aspect of a site that wasn’t known before.


Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology, Heritage Studies), University of Sydney

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Archaeology), University of Western Australia