Chairim Byun
Senior Heritage


Chairim is a heritage consultant with a background in history and cultural studies.

Chairim has demonstrated skills in research using a range of primary and secondary sources, especially in relation to social history and built heritage places. With her knowledge in history and cultural heritage, her expertise includes historical research, critical analysis, report writing, fieldwork and project administration.

At GML, Chairim has managed numerous heritage studies for local councils that often involve desktop research, field survey, analysis and establishment of benchmarking thresholds for local significance, as well as the reporting that followed. Chairim is also has extensive experience in historical research and other processes of municipal heritage studies. She has also contributed to mapping and graphic visualisation components in various projects.

Prior to joining GML, Chairim was a project intern at the Abbotsford Convent Foundation. In that role, Chairim worked on piecing together historical information and the heritage significance of the site, and gathering public comments for national heritage listing. She has also completed a research project that focused on forecasting future impacts of the possible National Heritage Listing.


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‘I believe that the layers of uses are what fulfill the built environment, and that caring for the site-specific context of a space will lead to a sustainable future of our towns and cities.’


Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage, University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Japanese Studies), Monash University

Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Japanese), University of Melbourne


Member – Australia ICOMOS