Angus Bowen GML

Angus Bowen

Angus Bowen is a design consultant and key member of GML’s interpretation and design team.

He holds a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design from the University of Newcastle.

Angus provides GML and its clients with design, graphics and marketing assistance. With experience working across a range of media, including print, digital and museum exhibitions, Angus has the ability to manage design projects from initial concept through all stages to completion. Through his tertiary education and previous industry experience, he has developed a strong belief in conversation and consultation with clients.

Angus is highly skilled in hand drawn and digital illustration. He is adept in the use of Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and InDesign, and has a working knowledge of CSS and HTML. Angus also develops templates and document designs for the firm, and assists with marketing.


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‘Design plays a vital role in the contemporary storytelling process, and I want to explore and push that as far as it can go.’


Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, University of Newcastle