We Keep Transport Infrastructure Moving

GML has delivered heritage services on some of Australia’s most important infrastructure projects.

Our cities and suburbs are undergoing unprecedented growth and change. Government infrastructure projects rely on technical expertise, rigorous analysis, whole of project thinking and timely service. GML has delivered heritage services on some of Australia’s most important infrastructure projects. Our experienced and expert team provide independent advice, deliver insights to critical challenges and reduce risk when it matters most.

We work on transport projects that contribute to a sustainable and more connected future.

We support diverse transport modes such as public transport, cycling and walkways that offer opportunities to bring communities together, improve accessibility, drive productivity and enhance public amenity.

Our role is to ensure that heritage is considered, conserved and celebrated as part of the experience of significant places and precincts that transport infrastructure operate within and connects us to.

Here is how we help across all phases of development:

Set off on the Right Path

Our advice regarding archaeology is commonly sought at the scoping stage. With an in-house team that collaborates across Aboriginal cultural heritage and historical archaeological requirements we can help identify the pathways for your project from the outset, saving time and money in the long run.

Smooth Journey through Design and Approvals

Throughout planning and design development, our built heritage experts collaborate closely with architects, engineers, urban designers and town planners to navigate complex heritage requirements. Our specialist and strategic advice contributes to feasibility studies, business cases and environmental impact assessment. We identify opportunities to creatively integrate cultural heritage values and interpretation into transport interchanges and transport corridors. We help to secure project approvals without compromising heritage values.

Safe Hands During Construction

Our ‘safe hands’ ensure that we deliver well managed archaeological monitoring and excavations once construction commences. We work closely with contractors to share backgrounds, findings and work to resolve the issues that may arise. We identify artefacts that may be appropriate for interpretation.

Our built heritage consultants offer advisory services, site inspections, archival recording and interpretation design to ensure that heritage values are conserved and celebrated during and post construction.

We keep a keen eye on the long-term vision of transport infrastructure projects and deliver reliable heritage advice with deep knowledge and professionalism.