The Chinese Garden of Friendship

Conservation Management Plan

Darling Harbour, Sydney

Property NSW

Serenely beautiful, the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney’s Darling Harbour celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018 with listing on the NSW State Heritage Register.

The popular walled garden recreates the harmony and philosophy of a traditional Chinese garden, all within the heart of Sydney. The carefully balanced landscape, complete with water features, traditional pavilions and a range of exotic plants, follows the spirituality of feng shui. Its tranquility and beauty provide respite from the city for workers, locals and tourists alike.

The Garden was built in partnership with the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, in the province of Guangdong, and Sydney, NSW (being sister cities of sister states). It opened in 1988 as part of Australia’s Bicentennial Celebrations and retains a special place in Australian–Chinese relations.

To help conserve and document the heritage values of the Garden, GML worked with Context Landscape Architects, on behalf of Property NSW, to prepare a conservation management plan (CMP) for the site.

GML was delighted to celebrate the anniversary of the Garden and to contribute to the future management and conservation of this significant heritage place.

Porch and paved area at Chinese Gardens