The Sustainable Shine Dome Project

We are so pleased to be working on the Sustainable Shine Dome Project with the Australian Academy of Science, the University of Canberra and engineers from GHD.

The collaborative team is investigating innovative approaches to ensure progressive energy and emissions reductions that contribute to the future protection and promotion of the Shine Dome’s unique heritage values. This project is being undertaken with grant support from the Australian Government’s National Heritage Grants program.

A series of public Symposia built a conversation around heritage values and sustainability.


Possible Futures

GML Principal Catherine Forbes, presented at the final public symposium about the Shine Dome Sustainability Project, ‘Possible Futures’. This symposium focussed on broad challenges and practical issues relating to the Australian response to climate change, lessons for a carbon active future, and specific findings and recommendations for the Shine Dome.

Watch the recording here.

Envisioning Sustainable Futures for Heritage

GML Principals, Rachel Jackson and Catherine Forbes spoke at the first public Symposium in December 2020, along with Getty’s Susan Macdonald and Dr Caroline Noller of the Footprint Company. The symposium introduced the Sustainable Shine Dome project, explored the Shine Dome’s heritage values, and then examined case studies of sustainability and heritage places.

Watch the recording here.

Planning Sustainable Futures for Heritage

This symposium considered innovative approaches to the conservation and renovation of existing places including a discussion on emerging technologies and opportunities that contribute to sustainable heritage futures.

Watch the recording here.