Sydney Harbour Bridge, Conservation Management Plan

Conservation Management Plan

Transport for NSW

Sydney, NSW

The Sydney Harbour Bridge—Conservation Management Plan, authored by GML Heritage, has been endorsed by Heritage NSW.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a cultural and industrial icon of Sydney and Australia. Widely recognised as the world’s greatest single arch bridge, it is representative of modernity and Australia’s perseverance in overcoming adversity during the Great Depression. The bridge was added to the National Heritage List in 2007.

The endorsement of the Sydney Harbour Bridge—Conservation Management Plan (CMP) is the culmination of years of work with Transport for NSW, and close engagement with Heritage NSW, in updating the report to reflect the changing uses of the Sydney Harbour Bridge while facilitating the conservation of its cultural heritage values.

The bridge’s role as a major part of Sydney’s transport network and as a destination for recreation and cultural tourism provides a unique opportunity to implement and actively promote the highest standards of heritage conservation management and practice.

The CMP provides a framework to guide decisions about the conservation, use and development of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. More than 30 policies ensure the retention of the heritage values of the bridge and approach structures, including its setting, views, ongoing operations, and historical and social associations.

GML has worked on numerous projects on this iconic harbourside landmark. We see our role as heritage advisers for this nationally and internationally important heritage asset as a professional privilege.