Everyday Heritage Sharon Veale

Everyday Heritage: New ARC Linkage Grant

We are thrilled to be the ‘Everyday Heritage’ industry partner, thanks to a Linkage Grant from the Australian Research Council.

GML CEO, Sharon Veale and Associate, Dr Charlotte Feakins, are collaborating on the ‘Everyday Heritage’ project with leading academics, Prof Tracey Ireland and Associate Prof Tim Sherratt UC, Prof Jane Lydon from UWA and Dr Kate Bagnall UTAS.

‘Everyday Heritage’ is about the things and places that ordinary people value and how they can be better acknowledged. Over the course of three years, the project will deliver practical tools for heritage practitioners and communities to help illuminate everyday heritage. ‘Everyday Heritage’ aims to confront the social divisions and tensions caused when communities feel that their heritage is not valued, or even what they value doesn’t qualify as ‘heritage’.

Everyday Heritage will contribute to public dialogue about how past and present are entangled in contemporary Australia. It will build much-needed strategic research alliances between academia, the heritage industry, and the broader cultural sector, and strengthen international research networks to improve cultural industry outcomes

Everyday Heritage aims to find pragmatic ways to link counternarratives of the invisible and the everyday to the formal structures and discourses of heritage and produce concrete examples of how to do this.

GML will provide case studies as well as valuable insights on the methodological tools required in a real world heritage management practice, facilitate public workshops and disseminate results online.

This is an ARC Linkage Project which relies on strong partnerships between academia and industry, and a deep understanding of challenges in the cultural sector for communities, government and business. The partnership aims to help bridge the conceptual gap between theory and practice in the heritage sector, a gap that is often seen as a chasm.

Our website will be updated with new knowledge and content as the project proceeds.