Archaeology at the Parramatta metro station site

Construction work for Sydney Metro’s Parramatta station has commenced.  

Before work can begin to excavate the station, detailed archaeological investigations take place to help understand the archaeological significance of the site.

The archaeology can provide new insights and understanding of Parramatta’s importance to First Nations people, early colonial settlement and adaptation to a new environment, daily life and urbanisation during the 19th century, and the evolution of the township of Parramatta into the city it is today.

Learn more about First Nations Archaeology and colonial Parramatta.

Get a birdseye view of excavations in progress below.

Archaeologists at work. Photo: Sydney Metro.

This map from 1804 shows the town’s development with convict huts and cottages along the main streets—George, Macquarie and Church—south of the river. Source: State Library NSW with GML Heritage overlay.

Aerial footage of the archaeological investigations at the Sydney Metro construction site at Parramatta.