Royal Children’s Hospital Heritage Plan

A strategic framework to guide the hospital’s approach to celebrating and displaying its heritage over the long term.

The hospital’s vision is to foster a continued sense of shared and personal belonging and identity for the RCH community and to bring history to life in the hospital’s new building. Context (now GML Heritage) brought together a team tailor-made for the project, working with Way Back When, Blac+Co and Belinda Smullen Communications Design.

The project took a staged approach starting with research into the hospital’s heritage through an exploration of its tangible heritage (including its archive) and intangible heritage (including its community).

The development of a ten year strategic vision containing a rich narrative of the hospital’s history and heritage themes followed, as well as an analysis of community requirements, and ensuing recommendations. This was followed by the definition of strategic options to implement in the lead up to the hospitals 150th anniversary in the lead up to 2020. Throughout this process, community engagement and the application of range of skills from a multidisciplinary team was integral to creating a successful and well received outcome.